mRNA Production

High-quality, scalable mRNA production meeting a wide range of requirements

As mRNA programs develop, quantity and quality requirements increase. Aldevron helps you advance to the next stage, where larger lot sizes, increasing levels of quality oversight and lot-to-lot consistency are required. 

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Aldevron produces high-quality mRNA to your specifications using scalable processes capable of delivering milligram to multi-gram quantities. Aldevron can also provide high-quality enzymes and linearized plasmid DNA for your in-house mRNA synthesis requirements.

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Aldevron mRNA services provide scalability, raw material and process controls, raw material cost control and RG-to-GMP transferability, ensuring consistent quality and affordability. We also can support the majority of your project requirements for other reagents directly or indirectly tied to your mRNA portfolios with our complementary platform services and products.

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Why choose Aldevron services versus an off-the-shelf kit?
When projects require larger quantities, consistent quality and high levels of purity, kits for mRNA production have limitations. With our services, these and other project requirements are met through a dedicated manufacturing platform, ensuring delivered products meet your specifications.

Where can I start with Aldevron?
The most common starting point is a plasmid DNA template. We will scale up, linearize and use in mRNA manufacturing. We offer our clients the flexibility to find a production process that works best for their application.

Can Aldevron make modifications to the mRNA product?
Yes, Aldevron has capabilities for 5' and 3' modifications to the mRNA product, including enzymatic capping and poly(A) tailing. Aldevron can also incorporate modified ribonucleotides as required for your specific project.

Who can I talk to about my specific project?
We have several experts on staff who can work with you to develop a plan that fits your project requirements and specifications. Contact us to connect with an expert.

Need to know more?
We’re ready to help. Contact us to set up time with Aldevron experts to discuss our processes and learn what sets our mRNA services apart.

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