The power of small:
Nanoplasmid ®

The next-generation, small cloning backbone

The Nanoplasmid®  platform is a next-generation, small cloning backbone with a patented antibiotic-free selection system offering significant benefits in numerous cell and gene-based applications. 


The Power of Small in Action 

The Nanoplasmid vector has been employed in at least 13 clinical trials comprised of eight completed phase I trials, two recruiting or ongoing phase I trials, one ongoing phase II trial, and two completed phase II trials. 

Read our new Nanoplasmid review article published in Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids, where we discuss select clinical applications.

Power-up your project, today! 

Regardless of the modality you’ve chosen, a smaller plasmid can provide significant benefits. Schedule a call with a molecular biologist to investigate how to improve manufacturing, performance, and/or safety.