Advance Campus

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Advance Campus - Fargo, North Dakota

Aldevron's Advance campus is home to three separate facilities, anchored by our 45,000-square-foot manufacturing building. The entire campus is fully integrated to support R&D, process development and the manufacture of plasmid DNA and mRNA for early-stage research purposes. Aldevron is able to serve our clients at any phase of their research -- but the right start is vital to success, enabling ideas to go from concept to commercial.


  • Research & development
  • Process development
  • Manufacturing


  • Research grade plasmid DNA
  • Research grade mRNA

Fast Facts (as of the end of 2022)

  • Nearly 120,000 lots of DNA produced for research or pre-clinical work
  • 13,000 + lot per year capacity of pDNA, 300+ lot per year capacity of mRNA


  • Three building footprint with 56,500 collective square feet of newly renovated construction
  • Buffer preparation
  • Upstream and downstream processing
  • Purification
  • Dispensing
  • QC
  • Multiple growth and purification scales to suit client needs
    • Shake flask to 30L
  • Full release panel offering includes in-house sequencing
  • Multiple IVT and purification scales to suit mRNA client needs
    • 2mL to 12L
  • Multi pathway tech transfer to include client developed, co-developed and platform processes

ALD BreakThrough 1-1

Breakthrough Campus

Fargo, ND

Plasmid DNA, mRNA, Protein manufacturing at cGMP & GMP-SourceĀ® quality

ALD Madison 1-1

Innovate Campus

Madison, WI

R&D, process and manufacturing development for early-stage research

ALD Lincoln 1-1

Impact Campus

Lincoln, NE

R&D, Nanoplasmidā„¢ platform and cell line