A Next-Generation Plasmid Vector System

NanoplasmidTM Vector System for Genetic Delivery Optimization:

The Power of a Small Backbone for Gene & Cell Therapies

Looking to enhance performance and manufacturing from your DNA backbone, without the regulatory concerns? The small Nanoplasmid backbone fulfills all the requirements. The Nanoplasmid Vector System (<500 bp backbone) provides advantages over existing legacy plasmid DNA backbones and minicircles:

Combining characteristics of reduced size and the RNA-OUT non-antibiotic resistance selection marker, the platform is ideally suited for a range of therapeutic applications. Aldevron can provide customized Nanoplasmid DNA for each client.

Nanoplasmid Benefits by Applications

Application Performance Enhance Manufacturing: (P)lasmid
(E)nd-Product Production
Regulatory Compliant
Increase Transgene Expression Lower Transfection Toxicity
AAV virus1 X X P X
Lentivirus X P/E X
Non-Viral Gene Therapy2 X E X
DNA Vaccines3 X E X
HDR/CRISPR Gene Editing4 X E/P X
Transposons5 X E/P X
mRNA Vector Production P N/A

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Nanoplasmid Brochure & Literature

Scientific Articles

Nanoplasmid is a disruptive technology in the clinical and pre-clinical arena. There have been dozens of publications showing off how this small backbone delivers powerful benefits.

  • Boye C, Arpag S, Burcus N, Lundberg C, DeClemente S, Heller R, Francis M, Bulysheva A. Cardioporation enhances myocardial gene expression in rat heart. Bioelectrochemistry. 2021 Dec;142:107892. doi: 10.1016/j.bioelechem.2021.107892. Epub 2021 Jul 27. PMID: 34371349.

Showing improved electroporation transfection methods in vivo and in vitro using Nanoplasmid versus conventional plasmids for naked DNA expression.

  • Oh SA, Senger K, Madireddi S, Akhmetzyanova I, Ishizuka IE, Tarighat S, et al. High-efficiency nonviral CRISPR/cas9-mediated gene editing of human T cells using plasmid donor DNA. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2022;219(5).

This publication showed improved CAR-T knock-in efficiency, reduced cell death, and an improved T cell phenotype for CAR-T cell therapies using Nanoplasmid compared to conventional plasmids and linear DNA as an HDR template.

  • Bozza M, De Roia A, Correia MP, Berger A, Tuch A, Schmidt A, et al. A nonviral, nonintegrating DNA nanovector platform for the safe, rapid, and persistent manufacture of recombinant T cells. Science Advances. 2021;7(16). doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abf1333

This article discussed how Nanoplasmid was integrated into a rapid and novel manufacturing workflow for the production of CAR-T cell therapies for patients.

For more information on these and other applications, download the complete bibliography.

Nanoplasmid Construct Giveaway
Apply for a Nanoplasmid AAV construct giveaway, and you may be awarded a free plasmid retrofit of your construct into the Nanoplasmid vector system. To apply, submit brief abstract that includes preliminary data and a project proposal. Awards will be granted monthly from March to August. Apply today and discover the Power of Small.

Antibiotic-free selection provided by RNA-OUT

The RNA-OUT platform works by repressing the expression of a counter-selectable marker (SacB) from the host chromosome. SacB encodes for the levansucrase enzyme, which creates a toxic environment in the presence of sucrose, which leads to cell death. Transforming the Antibiotic-free Nanoplasmid in the host expresses a 150bp RNA-OUT antisense RNA (ROUT) that binds the SacB mRNA and represses levansucrase expression, prevents toxicity and to maintain cell survival. The RNA-OUT selectable marker can be used to retrofit existing antibiotic resistance DNA plasmids into antibiotic-free vectors counter-selection system.

ALD Nanoplasmid Bacterial Host Genome_V3_Optimized

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