RNA Manufacturing

Guided Tour Series

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During a recent webinar by Dr. Venkata Indurthi, Chief Scientific Officer at Aldevron, he discussed mRNA/saRNA Manufacturing: Considerations to Accelerate the Path to Clinic, detailing key upstream and downstream considerations needed for process development in RNA drug substance manufacturing.

Questions during the Q&A session covered a range of topics, including:

  • Program Development & Support
  • Synthesis Process & Methods
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Analytics & Testing
  • Therapeutic Delivery & Applications

Because of time limitations, Dr. Indurthi was only able to answer a few of the submitted questions. Therefore, we followed up with an interview with Dr. Indurthi, asking him additional questions for publication in this 5-part guided series focusing on the above topics.

You can request your copy of this series to learn more about the key considerations in mRNA/saRNA manufacturing for a successful path to the clinic.