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Innovate Campus - Madison, Wisconsin

Aldevron’s Innovate Campus, located in the University of Wisconsin’s Research and Technology Park in Madison WI, provides custom process development, manufacture, and testing of recombinant proteins and enzymes supporting research, diagnostic and pre-clinical applications. Our capabilities range from parallel screening through process development optimization, to scale-up manufacturing. The campus has been fully renovated and expanded to include the addition of a future-focused innovation lab and new production space.


  • Research & development
  • Process development
  • Manufacturing of recombinant protein


  • Custom process development, manufacture & testing of recombinant proteins and enzymes for use in pre-clinical and diagnostic applications
  • Support of early-phase development, tech-transfer, late-stage process characterization

Fast Facts (as of the end of 2022)

  • First to offer inventoried GMP CRISPR SpyFiTM Cas9 nuclease
  • >180 lots of gene editing nucleases
  • Process up to 100kg of cell paste per batch


  • ISO 13485 certified QMS
  • Validated manufacturing equipment
  • Analytical method development and validation lab
  • Protein Innovation Lab
    • 5,000 sq.ft laboratory dedicated to R&D with segregated rooms for eukaryotic cell culture and microbial fermentation
  • 10 manufacturing areas
    • Dedicated and segregated mammalian expression and purification suites
    • Dedicated process development laboratories
    • Multiple growth and purification scales to suit client need
      • 50mL shake flask to 1000L fermentation
      • mg to KG purification scale

ALD BreakThrough 1-1

Breakthrough Campus

Fargo, ND

Plasmid DNA, mRNA, Protein manufacturing at cGMP & GMP-Source® quality

ALD Advance 1-1

Advance Campus

Fargo, ND

R&D, process development, manufacturing for early-stage research

ALD Lincoln 1-1

Impact Campus

Lincoln, NE

R&D, Nanoplasmid™ platform and cell line