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Developing cell & gene therapies poses unique challenges, with complex manufacturing and regulatory landscapes. Since the beginning, Aldevron has supported these developments, putting our experience to work to help over 1,000 clients make their possibilities a reality. Today, 13 commercial cell and gene therapy programs rely on Aldevron products and services.

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Advancing Modalities

Whether you’re working on a gene therapy, cell therapy, or vaccine, it starts with a high-quality DNA, RNA, or Protein. You’ll want a partner that can support you from small-scale, pre-clinical work through clinical trials, and eventually at commercial scale with phase-appropriate quality grades, analytics, and regulatory support.

Plasmid DNA Manufacturing

Nanoplasmid & Traditional plasmids. High-quality plasmid DNA for a wide range of research, preclinical, and clinical/commercial applications.

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Nanoplasmid™ Design/Retrofit

The Power of Small: A next-generation backbone offering significant performance, safety, and manufacturing benefits.

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mRNA Manufacturing & Encapsulation

High-quality, scalable mRNA manufacturing meeting a wide range of requirements from linear template through LNP formulation & encapsulation.

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Protein/Enzyme Manufacturing

Gene-to-protein services, including custom protein/enzymes, and RNP complexes for research, manufacturing, diagnostics, and clinical applications.

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Standardized Catalog Products

Standardization offers efficiency, cost savings, and may help alleviate supply chain concerns. In addition, many of our catalog products are license and royalty free* and available at research grade, GMP-Source™, and cGMP grade.

CRISPR Nucleases

High-fidelity and wild-type nucleases in-stock at research grade and cGMP to support research and clinical use.

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In vitro Transcription & Capping Enzymes

Enzymes manufactured to support the journey from research through clinical trials and commercialization.

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Viral Vector Plasmids

AAV & Lentiviral

Viral expression and helper plasmids that generate high-titer viral vectors for research and clinical production.

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Cloning Backbones

Our inventory of empty vectors is royalty free and can be modified to fit your needs.

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DNA/RNA Reporters

Various constructs that express fluorescent proteins for accessing transfection or to use as a control.

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Advanced Facilities

When you start your research with us, you can travel one continuous path to finished product. We’ve designed and built facilities and capabilities to meet today’s needs, while continuing to build for tomorrow. Our most recent additions are LNP encapsulation, with our partners at Precision Nanosystems, and sterile fill finish capabilities to deliver drug product.

Breakthrough Campus

Fargo, ND

Plasmid DNA, RNA, Protein manufacturing at cGMP & GMP-SourceTM quality

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Advance Campus

Fargo, ND

R&D, process development, manufacturing for early-stage research

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Aldevron Madison

Madison, WI

R&D, process development, manufacturing for early-stage research

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We provide high-quality plasmid DNA, proteins, enzymes, and other biologicals to help our partners achieve ground-breaking science throughout a variety of life science applications. From contract services to comprehensive solutions, we supply what you need, when you need it, with expert support at every stage of development and production.

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