Viral Vector Plasmids

Viral vector systems remain a primary delivery mechanism for cell and gene therapies. While many Aldevron clients work with us to manufacture their custom, proprietary viral vector plasmids, we have standardized products available that can be beneficial in reducing cost and lead time. Aldevron currently offers two systems.

pALD-AAV Plasmids

Recombinant AAV (rAAV) manufacturing typically includes 3 plasmids in a triple-transfection system. The pALD-AAV system offers several rep/cap serotypes, a choice of 2 helper plasmids, and a transgene cloning vector.

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pALD-Lenti Plasmids

Aldevron provides pALD Lenti packaging plasmids through our partnership with OXGENE, who have optimized them for lentiviral vector production. They are immediately available at research grade and GMP-Source.

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