pALD-AAV System

pALD-AAV System Overview

Recombinant AAV (rAAV) manufacturing is composed of four main components which include a rep/cap plasmid, a helper plasmid, a transgene plasmid, and a viral packaging cell line. Triple transfection of the three plasmids into HEK293 cells is the most frequently used rAAV production method.

Benefits of pALD-AAV

  • Royalty free, including for commercial products
  • Kanamycin resistance
  • Consistent, reliable supply
  • Immediately available at research grade
pALD AAV System Process Illustration

Rep/Cap Plasmids

Our rep/cap plasmids provide the appropriate packaging functions for AAV-based gene therapeutics.

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Custom Manufacturing

Order custom products with different buffers, concentrations, and more.

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Standardized Plasmids for Viral Vector Production | James Brown, Ph.D.

What are the advantages of using standardized plasmids? As James Brown explains, large scale production of these plasmids for gene therapy offer researchers the opportunity to lower costs on their projects while working with shorter timelines.

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