pALD-AAV System

pALD-AAV System Overview

Recombinant AAV (rAAV) manufacturing is composed of four main components which include a rep/cap plasmid, a helper plasmid, a transgene plasmid, and a viral packaging cell line. Triple transfection of the three plasmids into HEK293 cells is the most frequently used rAAV production method.

Benefits of pALD-AAV

  • Royalty free, including for commercial products
  • Kanamycin resistance
  • Consistent, reliable supply
  • Immediately available at research grade
pALD AAV System Process Illustration

pALD-HELP Plasmid

In stock, royalty-free, helper plasmid solution for recombinant AAV manufacturing.

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pALD-X80 Plasmid

In stock, royalty-free, helper plasmid solution for recombinant AAV manufacturing.

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Rep/Cap Plasmids

Our rep/cap plasmids provide the appropriate packaging functions for AAV-based gene therapeutics.

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ITR Expression Plasmids

Our ITR reporter plasmids and cloning vectors are available for AAV-based gene therapeutics.

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