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Aldevron News

Aldevron Now Offering Its pALD-Help Plasmid for Viral Vector Production in GMP-Source® Quality Level

December 7, 2021 / by Aldevron

Aldevron is now offering its pALD-HELP, an off-the-shelf product supporting AAV viral vector manufacturing, in its proprietary GMP-Source® (GMP-S) quality level. The plasmid is royalty-free for all applications in support of pre-clinical activities through clinical development.

The addition of this widely used plasmid expands Aldevron’s suite of ready-to-use and royalty-free constructs in support of making AAV via triple transfection, including its rep/cap plasmids 2, 5 and 6. The pALD-AAV6 plasmid is also available at the GMP-Source quality level.

“We launched this Ad helper plasmid in Research Grade as an inventory product earlier this fall and it was very well received,” said Michelle Berg, President, GMP Nucleic Acids for Aldevron. “Offering pALD-HELP in our GMP-Source quality level is another way we can support our clients in their efforts to get potential therapies to their patients sooner. Aldevron continuously looks for ways to improve our service to clients and expanding our portfolio of standardized products across quality levels ensures they have the quality products they need, when they need them.”

Aldevron has more than 23 years of experience manufacturing high-quality custom products that are used by companies around the world, along with a catalog of products that provide a consistent, reliable option to help clients meet deadlines. In addition to the AAV construct suite, Aldevron’s inventory product lines also include lentivirus plasmids, IVT enzymes, and a variety of CRISPR nucleases.