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Cell and Gene Therapies from Process to Product

Aldevron Whitepaper Streamlining

An evolution of biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes needs to happen if the cell and gene therapy field is to keep pace with the speed of science.

  • Breaking down the challenges posed by constrained capacity
  • How custom processes hold the industry back
  • Why standardization is now possible and how it’s accelerating R&D
  • Putting standard processes and products into practice

Streamlining and Standardizing Cell and Gene Therapies from Process to Product explores how standardization can help us meet the full, life-changing potential currently in the pipeline.


Overview of Landscape in Cell & Gene Therapy

Breaking Down the Challenges Posed by Constrained Capacity

How Custom Processes Hold the Industry Back

Why Standardization is Now Possible

How Standardization is Accelerating R&D

Putting Standard
Processes and Products Into Practice