Advancing Science Through Innovative Solutions

We develop and custom manufacture nucleic acids and proteins––core components for a variety of research, clinical and commercial applications.

Plasmid DNA Production

We manufacture plasmid DNA for research, preclinical, and clinical applications scaled to fit projects of any size and scope. Whether you're looking for research grade, GMP, or our exclusive GMP-Source® plasmids, we've developed unsurpassed expertise in plasmid manufacturing.

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Protein Production

We provide a wide range of protein services including host cell optimization, expression screening, process development, contract production, enzyme and antibody assay design and more. Our proteins are used throughout the agricultural and biomedical industries and extend from parallel production of several constructs to scale-up manufacturing.

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mRNA Production

To support your mRNA-based therapies, we custom manufacture milligram to multi-gram quantities of mRNA by in vitro transcription and produce IVT enzymes for use in your synthetic mRNA applications.

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