Storage and Stability

Aldevron Storage Distribution Services

Many of the products Aldevron manufactures require secure storage and stability testing services. As an added service to our clients, ASDS provides a secure, monitored facility for storage and shipment of research-grade, GMP-Source, and GMP biological materials produced by Aldevron. We also provide stability testing services employing the same methods used to release your biological materials.

Storage and Distribution

Aldevron’s on-campus storage facility offers a controlled, secure and reliable site to house clients’ precious materials. We offer storage options from -80º C to ambient temperatures. The controlled access facility is fully monitored at all times. Aldevron’s proprietary data management system has the capacity to manage thousands of critical samples with on-demand shipments worldwide.


In cooperation with our Quality Control department, Aldevron can offer stability testing tailored to your timeline, testing needs and budget. Aldevron’s full panel of quality control assays is available to create the ideal custom study for each client.

QC Assays for Stability Testing
Endotoxin Analysis by LAL Assay X X
Protein Content by BCA Assay X X
Spectrophotometry Analysis for Concentration X X
Spectrophotometry Analysis for Purity X X
BioBurden Monitoring X X
Purity by Gel Densitometry Analysis X X
pH Analysis X X
RNase and DNase Content X X
Quantitation of Residual Host Genomic DNA by qPCR X X
Final Product Appearance X X
USP <71> Sterility Test X X
Mycoplasma Detection X X
Restriction Endonuclease Analysis X
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis X
Detection of Residual RNA X
DNA Sequence Analysis X
Yield and Identity Testing X
Gram Stain Analysis X
Basic Contamination Screening X
Generation of a Bacterial Growth Curve X
Analysis of Bacterial Cell Bank Viability X
Plasmid Retention Assay X
Western Blot Assay X
Protein Content by Bradford Assay X
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