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Affordable, high-quality DNA, RNA, or protein

When you are starting a new project, you need to move quickly and minimize investment both financially and in terms of human resources. You may need to test many different target candidates, but quality is important. You don’t want to artificially exclude a promising candidate due to an unexpected impurity in your biologic prep.

Aldevron offers research grade (RG) custom manufacturing and stocked products for a variety of research and pre-clinical applications, providing the quality, competitive price, and rapid turnaround to move your research phase forward quickly.

Whatever custom manufacturing or stocked product you choose, our progressive quality grades are designed to grow with your project, including our for diagnostic use, GMP-Source and full cGMP.

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*The service levels outlined above are a visual representation of possible client selections. Aldevron does not recommend service levels. Diagnostic grade not shown.

Research grade custom manufacturing projects offer:

All research grade services and products can be smoothly transitioned to higher quality grades including diagnostic, GMP-Source and full cGMP, depending on the molecule type.

Plasmid DNA

Custom plasmid preps are available in two formats.

Aldevron Basic Plasmid preps include Maxi (up to 1mg), Mega (up to 4 mg), and Giga (up to 10 mg) preps; which are a great, cost-effective option for early discovery and come with a limited set of QC assays*, that include:

  • UV specifications
  • Client specified Buffer
  • Concentration report

Aldevron Standard Plasmid preps offer either a client-defined quantity deliverable starting at 1mg or a batch deliverable (shake flask – 2L, 5L and 8L, or fermenters – 10L and 30L) and a broad set of standard and optional QC assays.

Deliverable Type Scale QC Bundle Options Additional Services
Aldevron Basic Plasmid Preparation
  • Maxi prep
  • Mega prep
  • Giga prep
N/A - UV spec only Sequencing, concentration adjustment, archiving
Aldevron Standard Plasmid Preparation
  • Shake flask batch
  • Fermentation batch
  • Milligram Quantity

Standard QC

Standard+ QC

Complete QC

Sequencing, RG documentation, RCB, clone screening, archiving

Get a detailed list of assays included in our QC Bundles here.

All preps arrive complete with a Certificate of analysis (CoA). Additional custom RG plasmid manufacturing options include:

  • Process development
  • Screening for growth optimization and stability
  • Cell Banks
  • Manufacturing reports
  • Smooth transition from research grade to GMP-SourceTM or full cGMP manufacturing

NanoplasmidTM vectors and linearized plasmids are also available at research grade.

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In addition, the following stocked plasmid DNA-related products are also available at research grade:

*Sequencing, archiving, and concentration adjustment are available upon request for an additional fee.
Varies in price based on sequencing length


As your mRNA program matures, you will need increasing quality and quantity. RNA, as a relatively new and hot modality, has its specific challenges, including a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

Aldevron, a fast mover in the RNA space, has been providing high-quality RNA precursors (linear plasmid DNA templates, in vitro transcription and capping enzymes) and full RNA drug substance since 2017. More recently, we’ve expanded our research grade (and CGMP) custom manufacturing offering to include:

In addition, the following RNA products are available at research grade:

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Protein manufacturing is highly customized. Your desired protein may require specific construct design, manufacturing processes, analytics, and characterization. Our research grade protein production capabilities range from parallel screening of several constructs through process development optimization, to scale-up manufacturing. Our protein team is equally adept at transferring in existing protocols or developing new processes and methods. With experience producing thousands of proteins, we identify potential risks and engineer a solution to meet your required specifications. We offer the following expression systems:

  • Bacterial Cells
    • E. Coli strains selected for each project, all common expression strains are available
  • Mammalian Cells
    • Cell lines include HEK293, CHO-S, and others by request
    • Adherent Cell lines and others upon request

In addition to our custom protein manufacturing, the following stocked products are also available at research grade:

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Aldevron Quality Grades

Research Grade
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