Research Grade Services

Research Grade (RG)

Aldevron manufactures biologics for a variety of research and pre-clinical applications, providing the most affordable, high-quality biologics available. Our research-grade production facilities provide the flexibility needed to offer competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times while still maintaining the quality our clients expect.

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*The service levels outlined above are a visual representation of possible client selections. Aldevron does not recommend service levels.

  Research Grade

Gene synthesis & cloning options

Growth via shake flask or fermentation (including high-density options)

Chromatographic purification

Consistent manufacturing process

Customizable quality control specifications

Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or Product Information Sheet (PiS)

Plasmid DNA

Plasmid DNA deliverable options can range in scale from microgram to multi-gram quantities and arrive complete with a Certificate of Analysis.

In addition to standard plasmid DNA orders, we also produce:

  • Linearized Plasmid DNA
  • Nanoplasmid DNA
  • Bacmid DNA
  • Custom Maxi, Mega and Giga preps


Our protein production capabilities range from parallel screening of several constructs through process development optimization, to scale-up manufacturing. Every project starts by defining project goals, including transferring existing protocols or developing a new method.

Protein-Project-FlowWith experience producing thousands of proteins, we identify potential risks and engineer a solution to meet your required specifications. Responsiveness, technical excellence, and strong project management form the foundation of every strong partnership. It’s our goal to embody those qualities and earn your trust every step of the way.

We offer expression in three different expression systems:
  • Bacterial Cells
    • E. coli strains selected for each project, all common expression strains are available
  • Mammalian Cells
    • Cell lines include HEK293, CHO-S, and others by request
    • Adherent cell lines and others upon request


As mRNA programs develop, quantity and quality requirements increase. Aldevron helps you advance to the next stage where larger lot sizes, increasing levels of quality oversight and lot-to-lot consistency are required. 


Aldevron produces high-quality mRNA to your specifications using scalable processes capable of delivering milligram to multi-gram quantities. Aldevron can also provide high-quality enzymes and linearized plasmid DNA for your in-house mRNA synthesis requirements.

In addition to standard mRNA services, we offer:
  • Gene synthesis and template generation
  • Linear DNA template production
  • Cap addition using analogs or capping enzyme system
  • Enzymes for IVT, capping and tailing
  • Poly(A) tail addition via template or E. coli poly(A) polymerase 
  • Incorporation of modified nucleosides
  • R&D to meet specific requirements
  • QC test options for more demanding applications
  • Processes and raw materials that can scale up in GMP

Research Grade Offerings


Plasmid DNA