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Research-Grade Quality Control Bundles

Quality Control Packages that fit your project

We offer plasmid DNA preparation services with quality control (QC) standards that meet your specific needs, providing customizable solutions tailored to fit the application in your research. Select from the following QC bundle options:

Standard QC – Thorough assay panel for plasmid characterization with the fastest turnaround.

Standard+ QC – All the assays of the Standard with your concentration and restriction digest specifications.

Complete QC – A full assay panel to meet your specifications and fully aligned for cGMP characterization for future scale-up.

Standard QC Standard+ QC Complete QC
ABS 260/280 Purity Ratio X X X
Appearance X X X
Concentration Report X X X
Identity via AGE X X X
Buffer Specification X X X
Dispensing, up to 1000 vials X X X
DNA Homogeneity (predominately supercoiled) X X upgraded
Endotoxin, <= 100 EU/mg semi-quant X X upgraded
Residual Host gDNA via AGE X X upgraded
Residual Host RNA via AGE X X upgraded
Concentration Specification X X
Restriction Digest, up to 6 enzymes X X
DNA Homogeneity via Densitometry X
Quantitative Endotoxin X
Residual Host gDNA via qPCR X
Residual Host RNA via SYBR Gold X
Residual Host Protein via BCA X
2 Day Bioburden X
Mycoplasma X
Sequencing Optional Optional Optional
pH & Osmolality are both offered as additional assays for purchase.

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