NanoplasmidTM Platform for Genetic Payload Optimization

The Nanoplasmid platform provides advantages over existing legacy plasmid DNA backbones and selection methods. Combining characteristics of reduced size and the RNA-OUT non-antibiotic resistance selection marker, the platform is ideally suited for gene therapy applications. Aldevron can provide plasmid DNA customized for each client. 

Nanoplasmid Platform Advantages

The Nanoplasmid platform provides several advantages for use as a genetic cargo delivery system.

  • Small bacterial region size (< 500 bp)
  • Improved manufacturing yields, lower cost
  • Reduced toxicity and silencing
  • High transgene expression
  • Free of antibiotic markers, no residual antibiotics

Nanoplasmids for Viral Vector Production

In addition to the overall advantages of the Nanoplasmid platform, the system has features uniquely suited to rAAV production.  Studies have shown that when bacterial sequences are removed during production, as is the case with the Nanoplasmids, "encapsidation of prokaryotic backbone sequences is avoided."1  In addition, the studies showed that transduction efficiency of self-complementary AAV preparations improved up to 30-fold.  The Nanoplasmid platform combined with standard AAV packaging protocols can significantly improve the quality of AAV vectors.

1 Schnödt, M. et al. DNA Minicircle Technology Improves Purity of Adeno-associated Viral Vector Preparations. Mol Ther - Nucleic Acids 5, e355 (2016).

RNA-OUT for any plasmid

The RNA-OUT platform is flexible and any plasmid can be modified to use this antibiotic-free selection method.  We can design and synthesize your plasmid for any gene therapy application.

Nanoplasmid Vectors

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