Next Generation Plasmid Technology

Improving Performance Safety and Manufacturing for Today's Therapies

Discover the Power of Small with NanoplasmidTM – the next-generation plasmid for manufacturing today’s cell and gene therapies.  

Download our whitepaper to learn about Nanoplasmid’s advantages for these applications: 

  • Eliminate the possibility of antibiotic resistance gene transfer to patients via an antibiotic free selection system 
  • Improve manufacturing yield of plasmids used in the production of AAV and lentivirus 
  • Improved electroporation transfection in vivo and in vitro  
  • An HDR donor template for CRISPR 
  • Serving as a Transposons donor template  

Download Whitepaper

Download to learn how Nanoplasmid can help you overcome the pitfalls of traditional plasmids by:


Improving plasmid yields


Potentiate transfection efficiencies


Increased transgene expression


Eliminate antibiotic resistance gene selection


Its employment as an HDR donor template


Serving as a template in Transposon systems