Aldevron + Nature Technology Corp

Manufacturing Next Generation Plasmids for cell & Gene Therapy

Developing Tomorrow’s Therapies: Advanced Plasmids & Manufacturing

Aldevron has acquired Nature Technology Corporation (NTC), a developer of innovative and proprietary plasmid technologies that are used for cell and gene therapies. NTC's nucleic acid-based technologies include NanoplasmidTM, a proprietary vector construct that improves the safety and performance of plasmids and biologics.

Pairing Aldevron's world-class manufacturing capabilities with NTC's innovative solutions will further support our clients as they develop tomorrow’s therapies.

Nanoplasmid™ Vector Platform

The Nanoplasmid™ platform is a next-generation, small cloning backbone with a patented antibiotic-free selection system offering significant benefits in numerous cell and gene-based applications.


Reviver™ Host Strain & HyperGRO™ Manufacturing Platform

REVIVER™ host strains are engineered specifically for stable, high-quality production of polyA, ITR, and large palindrome-containing plasmids offering higher yield and quality than other commercial strains.

The HyperGRO™ manufacturing platform delivers significant improvement on vector yield, quality, and transgene expression.

Clients manufacturing with Aldevron can benefit from Reviver and HyperGRO. In addition, both technologies may be available for license.


Bringing it all together

Aldevron has 25 years manufacturing plasmid DNA for research and clinical use. The NTC technologies expand our capabilities and allow us to support our clients with better performing and/or cost saving strategies. We offer services to design new constructs or retrofit existing plasmids and can support manufacturing from small-scale research needs through cGMP for commercial supply.

Nanoplasmid Development@4x