Aldevron + Nature Technology Corp

Aldevron + Nature Technology Corp

Manufacturing Next-Generation Plasmids for Cell & Gene Therapy

Higher yielding plasmid production technologies are required to address market needs. Higher yields translate to lower costs for our clients and can result in fewer manufacturing runs, opening up much needed capacity. ReviverTM and HyperGROTM are two of the many tools that Aldevron uses to optimize plasmid manufacturing and performance.

Reviver™ Host Strain

Do you want to improve yield for polyA, ITR, or large palindrome-containing plasmids?

Our initial recommendation would be a Nanoplasmid retrofit. However, if your project is too far along then consider REVIVER™ host strains, engineered specifically for stable, high-quality production of polyA, ITR, and large palindrome-containing traditional plasmids.

Reviver Tabels@4x

HyperGRO™ Manufacturing Platform

Are you interested in significant improvement on vector yield, quality, and transgene expression?

HyperGRO is an advanced, fed-batch, nutrient-limited process that utilizes a temperature shift to reach record high yields of up to 3.5 g/L. The HyperGRO™ platform host strains and process show significant improvement on vector yield, quality, and transgene expression. Though it is optimally used along with Nanoplasmid™ vectors or Reviver host strains, the HyperGRO does provide benefits for traditional plasmid manufacturing and has been utilized by multiple pharmaceutical companies for clinical and commercial production.
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For Aldevron Clients

Our clients can rely on Reviver and HyperGRO as two possible approaches that Aldevron may employ to optimize manufacturing and performance of your plasmids. These technologies may also be available to license for in-house manufacturing. Contact us for more information.

Aldevron has 25 years experience in manufacturing plasmid DNA for research and clinical use. The NTC technologies expand our capabilities and allow us to support our clients with better performing and/or cost saving strategies. We offer services to design new constructs or retrofit existing plasmids and can support manufacturing from small-scale research needs through cGMP for commercial supply.