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Advancing through standardization

Your work on cell and gene therapies and molecular diagnostics are transforming the lives of patients with various diseases. With hundreds of therapeutic candidates in the pipeline, millions of additional patient lives could be transformed in the years to come. However, that can only happen if the evolution of biopharmaceutical manufacturing keeps pace with rapid scientific progress.

One possible advancement is standardization. Aldevron has many standardized products in stock across a variety of quality grades to support rapid transition from research to the clinic to commercialization.

CRISPR Nucleases

High-fidelity and wild-type nucleases in-stock at research grade and cGMP to support research and clinical use.

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Invitro Transcription & Capping Enzymes

Enzymes manufactured to support the journey from research through clinical trials and commercialization.

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Viral Vector Plasmids AAV & Lentiviral

Viral expression and helper plasmids that generate high-titer viral vectors for research and clinical production.

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Cloning Backbones

Royalty and license free empty vectors that can be modified to fit your needs.

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DNA/RNA Reporters

Various constructs that express fluorescent proteins for accessing transfection or to use as a controls in preliminary research.

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Don’t see what you need? We also offer custom manufacturing services.