pALD Cloning Backbones

Find the Right Backbone for your Application

Aldevron, your trusted partner since 1998, now has cloning backbones pALD-CV42 and pALD-CV77 as well as the reporter construct pALD-CV77-Luciferase available as royalty-free products for research through commercial applications. This construct set is appropriate for a wide range of applications. Researchers have also used the pALD-CV77 backbone sequence successfully in clinical trials.  


View the sequences below using SnapGene Viewer or other similar program.

Sequence file for pALD-CV42

Sequence file for pALD-CV77

Sequence file for pALD-CV77-Luciferase

This construct set is ideal for researchers who either do not have a cloning backbone available or are seeking options with a history of success in specific applications, such as DNA vaccine development.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What are the main key features of this construct set?

A: Aldevron offers this construct set royalty free for research through commercial production. Complimentary samples are available for cloning and testing purposes.