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Progress on Aldevron’s New cGMP Manufacturing Facility Continues

Spring brought nearly perfect conditions to the job site. The fortunate lack of rain, snow, and extreme temperatures allowed the campus buildout to buzz with contractors, laborers and equipment.

The harsh winter months challenged us to persevere by using multiple ground thaw heaters. This allowed us to continue pouring concrete foundations and pile caps so the steel erection crew could continue their work with precision and on schedule. We completed the first section's installation of the structural steel beams in February 2020.

Currently, we are wrapping up our final sections of foundation, back filling, and pouring slabs. The significant progress in these areas allowed us to work on essential systems such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and other features that make a facility of this caliber function day to day. 


The exterior walls are beginning to appear, showcasing a distinctly modern look that combines sleek glass walls with an impressive charcoal colored precast stem wall. Passers-by will see the perfectly blended exterior wall system that includes more glass, perforated metal and precast material.

As we enter the summer months, the exterior wall will be assembled, steel placed, and concrete poured to secure the structure. The steel connects the two sections that are currently standing – the primary manufacturing facility and the warehouse, creating a more cohesive shape to the new buildings.

Our mechanical and utility systems are vital to production and are receiving increased emphasis and focus during construction. Our innovative approach of housing these systems in an enclosed penthouse with an additional mechanical yard on top of the structure, is extremely labor intensive. Industry experts are on site to assemble and install in a precise timeline, keeping our schedule on pace.


Aldevron’s second manufacturing facility is expected to be fully operational by Spring of 2021, increasing our production output 10 times our current capacity. This allows us to better serve our clients and in turn, the patients who benefit from their work.

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Lance Monilaws has served as Aldevron's Director of Industrial Project Management since 2018 and is leading the buildout of the campus expansion.

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