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Aldevron’s Second GMP Manufacturing Facility Buildout Reaches Major Milestone


In June of 2019, Aldevron announced its massive 14-acre campus expansion. The construction began with a groundbreaking ceremony in August of 2019, launching the buildout of the campus’ second GMP manufacturing facility. This 189,000 square-foot, two-story building is slated to increase Aldevron’s GMP and GMP-Source production capacity up to 10 times its current output. In December of 2019, a major milestone was reached when structural steel beams were installed (pictured).


“Installing the structural steel beams before the new year was vital to staying ahead on this buildout,” said Lance Monilaws, Aldevron’s Director of Industrial Project Management. Monilaws continued, “This milestone is great for clients to see as this is really happening and we are pushing forward to meet their demand.” Monilaws also noted that the structural beam installation will allow initial enclosure to be completed by February 2020 so flat work may begin for the new facility.

The new manufacturing facility is expected to be fully operational by Q1 of 2021. In total, three new buildings are slated to be built over the next three to five years to support the rapidly growing field of genetic medicine. To learn more about the campus expansion and to see a video outlining the plans, visit

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