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Genetic Medicine Advancements Help Aldevron Grow Madison Facility

February 9, 2021 / by Thomas Lynch, Ph.D.

The team at Aldevron is excited to virtually celebrate our recent expansion in Madison and share the great progress we’re making and opportunities ahead in the world of gene therapy.


Aldevron’s Protein Business Unit manufactures recombinant proteins used in a wide range of applications including research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Our company as a whole is really focused on the exciting new frontier of genetic medicine and being an end-to-end solutions provider.

What we deliver are products that enable our clients to develop these new genetic therapies, which help patients who in many cases don’t have a drug or treatment for their specific disease or condition that’s been successful – or that doesn’t exist at all.

Read the full article on BioForward’s website.


Thomas Lynch, Ph.D.

Thomas Lynch, Ph.D.

Dr. Lynch is the Vice President of Client Services at Aldevron, where he leads the commercial activities for Aldevron’s Protein Business Unit. Dr. Lynch has over 25 years of combined sales and laboratory experience and holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Illinois and a B.S. from the University of Minnesota. His postdoctoral research at the University of Chicago centered on the structural determination and protein analysis: nucleic acid complexes. Before rejoining Aldevron in 2017, Dr. Lynch served as Vice President of Sales for DNASTAR and held positions of increasing responsibility within Business Development & Client Relations at Aldevron.