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In the News: Aldevron Now Offering AAV Rep/Cap Plasmids For Viral Vector Production

Aldevron announced today the immediate availability of rep/cap plasmids pALD-AAV2, AAV5 and AAV6 to support AAV viral vector manufacturing. All three rep/cap plasmids are immediately available at Research Grade. Additionally, pALD-AAV6 is immediately available at the GMP-Source® quality level, while pALD-AAV2 and pALD-AAV5 will be made available based on market demand. The plasmids are royalty free for all applications in support of pre-clinical activities through clinical development and commercial production.


The addition of these three rep/cap plasmids expands Aldevron’s suite of ready-to-use and royalty-free constructs in support of AAV manufacture. They join Aldevron’s helper plasmid, pALD-X80, which is also available for pre-clinical through commercial applications.

“Genetic medicine has experienced tremendous growth, particularly over the past several years. Aldevron is proud to continue our support for the field of advanced therapies by developing more products that are readily available, helping bring life-saving treatments to market,” said Michelle Berg, President of Aldevron’s GMP Nucleic Acids Business Unit. “Rep/cap plasmids are one of three key components for AAV manufacturing and with Aldevron's ready-to-ship offerings, clients do not need custom manufacture, thereby reducing timeline and cost. With no royalty fees through commercial production, these products provide our clients a clearer path to better enable these potential approaches to reach patients.”

Berg added that Aldevron’s 22 years of experience with custom manufacturing high-quality products used by biotech companies around the globe ensures the off-the-shelf products it produces are stable and reliable. “Along with offering catalog items, we have increased capacity and reduced lead times, providing us the ability to scale while meeting important client deadlines.”

In addition to the AAV suite of constructs, Aldevron has a catalog of products including lentivirus plasmids, IVT enzymes, and a variety of CRISPR nucleases.

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