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This collection of videos showcases who we are and what we do. We regularly feature different pieces on this page with key presentations, interviews, and other exclusive content! To stay up to date on all of our videos, consider subscribing to Aldevron on YouTube!

Our Science

Plasmid DNA Technology

Aldevron has been perfecting plasmid production for more than two decades, using proprietary technology to manufacture DNA for a wide range of research through clinical and commercial applications. This video covers how plasmids are used in gene and cell therapies and more.



Progress on Aldevron's 14-Acre Gene Therapy Manufacturing Campus

We are shaping the future of genetic medicine with our clients. The millions of patients that benefit from progress to this scale begins here, and the teams that make this possible are making an impact as we inch closer to the next era of breakthroughs. 

For more information on this buildout, visit our campus showcase page!



The Source of GMP-Source® with John Ballantyne, CSO & Co-Founder

At the turn of the century, viral manufacturers were facing major headwinds, and the sector was in a rut. A part of the problem was the inability to get enough clinical grade plasmids, quickly enough, at the right price point for them to be able to progress through clinical trials. 

In this video, our co-founder and chief science officer shares the story of how client demand drives innovation in our space. John's blog covers this story further in-depth.

For more information on our GMP and GMP-Source® services, click here.



Our People

Investing in Talent at Aldevron's Protein Business Unit in Madison, WI

Aldevron is looking for dedicated, forward-thinking individuals who share our goal of advancing science in meaningful ways. This video covers more about our approach to work and culture.



Employee Referral Bonus Program

We are experiencing explosive growth, and we need your help to grow our teams by referring talented people like yourself! For each candidate that lists an employee first and last name as their source in an online application, employees are rewarded with prizes, bonuses and more!

To learn more about this exciting incentive program, click here.



Innovation and Community Recognition at Our Core

In 2020, the Technology Council of North Dakota (TechND) named Aldevron one of three leading businesses within the technology sector, emphasizing its achievements and contributions to the biotech industry through innovation and expertise.

The following video speaks to our innovative nature to meet client demand, featuring Michael Chambers, Founding CEO and Executive Chairman, John Ballantyne, Co-Founder and CSO, and Michael Jablon, Senior Director of Information Systems.

To read the full news post, click here.