Genetic Immunization Strategies

Genetic Immunization

Our core technology, genetic immunization, enables the development of antibodies against any protein target directly from DNA, an electronic sequence, or an accession number.

With this strategy, your target is cloned into one of our proprietary immunization vectors as detailed in your custom target analysis and introduced into the host organism for gene expression.

To help identify positive antisera and hybridomas, screening without purified antigen is made possible with the use of our proprietary screening vectors. As a pioneer in the field, our antibody development team has successfully applied this technology to thousands of target proteins with a very high success rate.

Genetic Immunization with Aldevron's GENOVAC Antibody Technology

  GENOVAC Genetic Immunization Protein Immunization Peptide Immunization
Antigen Production Economic, faster and easier to manipulate More expensive, longer process and difficult to manipulate Economic, faster
Antigen Characteristics Native conformation, correct folding and glycosylation Protein quality and folding variable Linear epitope recognition only
Immune Response Highly specific, no risk of contamination Risk of contaminating proteins and reagents Risk of cross-reactivity
Antibody Affinity High affinity (pM) Moderate to high Moderate
Antibody Characteristics Recognition of native epitopes, higher probability of functional activity, native structure maintained when targeting specific regions, undesired or desired cross-reactive antibodies quickly and easily selected Cannot always guarantee correct folding of protein or conformationally-homogenous solution of potein, recognition of native epitopes variable, decreased probability of functional activity, native conformation may be lost when specific regions selected, selecting undesired or desired cross-reactivity expensive and laborious Recognition of linear epitopes only, highly decreased probability of functional activity, no native epitopes presented to the immune system, selecting undesired or desired cross-reactivity expensive and laborious


  • Rapid turnaround
  • Immunize and screen without purified protein or peptide
  • Eliminate the risk of protein contamination
  • Maximized immune response
  • Access difficult targets (e.g., multi-membrane spanning proteins)
  • Overcome immunodominance
  • Generate high-affinity antibodies
  • Develop functional modulators
  • Simple manipulation of target sequence (e.g., site-directed mutagenesis)

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