Self-amplifying RNA (saRNA)

Revolutionizing Vaccine Development

Rapid response to emerging diseases is critical when developing a vaccine. Long RNA (mRNA and saRNA) is at the forefront of vaccine development.

Benefits of saRNA
  • saRNA vaccines can be developed in a fraction of the time it takes to develop a conventional vaccine
  • Manufacturing is cell-free, does not require a dedicated facility
  • saRNA vaccines often produce a higher immune response from a smaller dose when compared to mRNA based vaccines


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saRNA Inventory Products

Increase the duration and level of antigen expression for a better immune response using self-amplifying RNA technology. Aldevron offers a synthetic replicon design based on a single-stranded RNA alphavirus that expresses GFP / SEAP / LUC reporter enzyme. For research use only, easily measure the reporter gene expression in vivo to evaluate self-amplifying RNA and optimize delivery formulations in your application.

Note: saRNA products are classified by Aldevron under ECCN 1C353 on the Commerce Control List set forth in the US Export Administration Regulations (EAR), which is highly controlled for purposes of export outside the United States. If the product is requested to be shipped outside the US, an export license from US Dept. of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security is required before the product may be shipped.

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AldnLUC saRNA™

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