pALD-X80 for rAAV Production

In Stock, Royalty-Free, Helper Plasmid Solution for Recombinant AAV Manufacturing

 pALD Common to all rAAV

pALD-X80 Helper Plasmid

Triple transfection is the most common method for rAAV production and does not require co-infection with adenovirus; a helper plasmid provides adenoviral genes. Aldevron's pALD-X80 has several advantages.

  • Immediately available at research, GMP-Source® and cGMP
  • Royalty free, including for commercial products
  • Replaces any rAAV helper plasmid
  • Kanamycin resistance
  • Consistent, reliable supply

With Aldevron's pALD-X80, clients do not need to manufacture a custom batch of the helper plasmid as Aldevron maintains it as an in-stock product, reducing timeline and cost. 

pALD-X80 Successfully Produces rAAV

Expression Data for rAAV Luciferase

pALDx80 Data

A solution for early research through commercial development
pALD-X80 is available in three quality grades: Research, GMP-Source® and cGMP. Clients have the option of choosing the quality grade that fits their needs and stage of development with the assurance that the royalty-free product will be available when needed at future stages of development.

pALD-X80 Map

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