In Stock, Royalty-Free, Reporter Plasmid

Aldevron, your trusted partner since 1998, has a reporter construct available at research grade, royalty and license free.

Benefits of pALD-CV77-Luciferase:

Aldevron's pALD-CV77-Luciferase reporter plasmid contains luciferase gene firefly Photinus pyralis and has several advantages:

  • Royalty free for non-clinical research use
  • Kanamycin resistance
  • Consistent, reliable supply
  • Immediately available at research grade
  • Available in 100ug free sample vials, 5mg vials and 10mg vials, research grade only
Description Cat # Price Order

pALD-CV77-Luciferase 10 mg

pALD-CV77-Luciferase 10 mg Pricing

pALD-CV77-Luciferase 5 mg

pALD-CV77-Luciferase 5 mg Pricing

*Not for human use or medical diagnostic use.

pALD-CV77-Luciferase Reporters Quality Control Specifications

Appearance Clear and Colorless
Buffer TE
Bioburden No growth in 48 hours at 37 +/- 2 C
Concentration 1.0mg/mL +/- 10%
DNA Homogeneity ≥80% Supercoiled
Endotoxin ≤100 EU/mg
Identity Confirmed Against DNA Ladder
Plasmid Identity Identical to Reference Sequence
ABS 260/280 Ratio Purity 1.80 – 2.00
Residual Host Genomic DNA via qPCR ≤5%
Residual Host Protein via BCA ≤2%
Residual Host RNA via SYBR Gold ≤5% by Semi-Quantitative Densitometry
Restriction Digest Matches Expected Restriction Pattern
Mycoplasma Contamination Negative for the Presence of Mycoplasma
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