Rep/Cap Plasmids

In Stock, Royalty-Free, Packaging Plasmid Solution for Recombinant AAV Manufacturing

pALD-AAV Rep/Cap Plasmids

Recombinant AAV (rAAV) manufacturing is composed of four main parts which include a rep/cap plasmid, a helper plasmid, an expression plasmid, and a viral packaging cell line. Triple transfection of the three plasmids into HEK293 cells is the most frequently used rAAV production method.

Aldevron's pALD-AAV rep/cap plasmids have several advantages:

  • Royalty free, including for commercial products
  • Kanamycin resistance
  • Consistent, reliable supply
  • Immediately available at research grade

With Aldevron's rep/cap plasmids, clients do not need to manufacture a custom batch as Aldevron maintains each as an in-stock product, reducing timeline and cost.

pALD rAAV System@4x

Each rep/cap plasmid contains the gene sequence for AAV serotype 2 replication (rep) protein paired with either serotype 2, 5 or 6 capsid (cap) protein respectively. Use of AAV serotype 2 rep proteins in combination with other serotypes for cap proteins is referred to as pseudotyping which provides enhanced and refined tissue tropism in some applications.

Plasmid Rep Serotype Cap Serotype Pack Size
pALD-AAV2 2 2 10 mg
pALD-AAV5 2 5 10 mg
pALD-AAV6 2 6 10 mg

Bulk quantities and samples are available upon request.

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Description Cat # Price Order


5057-10 10 mg Pricing


5058-10 10 mg Pricing


5059-10 10 mg Pricing

Rep/Cap Plasmids Quality Control Specifications

Appearance Clear and Colorless
Buffer TE
USP Sterility <71> * No Growth
Concentration 1.0 mg/mL +/- 10%
DNA Homogeneity ≥ 80% Supercoiled
Endotoxin ≤ 100 EU/mg
Identity Confirmed Against DNA Ladder
Plasmid Identity Identical to Reference Sequence
ABS 260/280 Ratio Purity 1.80 - 2.00
Residual Host Genomic DNA via qPCR ≤ 5%
Residual Host Protein via BCA ≤ 2%
Residual Host RNA via SYBR Gold ≤ 5% by Semi-Quantitative Densitometry
Restriction Digest Matches Expected Restriction Pattern
Mycoplasma Contamination Negative for the Presence of Mycoplasma

*Sterility testing is not available for research grade material. Bioburden by direct inoculation with a specification of no growth after 48 hours is performed at the research grade level.

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