DasherGFP mRNA

DasherGFP® mRNA - Royalty Free

DasherGFP mRNA encodes an IP-free, fluorescent protein optimized for expression in mammalian cells. It mimics mature mRNA with 5’ Cap 1 structure and 3’ poly(A) tail, and it is ideal for studying transfection and expression using a variety of assays. 

The expressed protein is 26.6 kDa (237aa) and yields bright green fluorescence with excitation and emission maxima at 505 and 525nm so you can easily track and analyze mRNA delivery and expression.

Available Pack Sizes
Free Sample! 200 μg 1 mg

GFP is a widely used reporter gene that is easy to directly visualize using standard filter sets. In the form of mRNA, there are additional advantages including rapid transient expression without nuclear uptake, and expression levels proportional to the quantity of mRNA transfected.


The DasherGFP mRNA is offered royalty free for research use only.

Quality Specifications

Appearance Clear and colorless
Buffer Water
Concentration 1.0 mg/mL +/- 10%
Purity Based on 260/280 Absorbance Ratio (mRNA) Report Results
Endotoxin ≤ 100 EU/mg
Identity Size Confirmed Against an RNA Ladder
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