sNLS-SpCas9-sNLS Nuclease

A simple solution from R&D to clinical material

Aldevron provides research grade Cas9 nucleases for use in development work as well as standard GMP products for clinical studies. The concentration for these products is 10 mg/mL, dispensed in the following sizes:

  • Research Grade: 0.25 mg and 5 mg vials 
  • GMP: 10 mg and 50 mg vials


Functional Performance 

  • Ready to use for electroporation, transfections or injection methods
  • Extensive QC panel identical at Research Grade, GMP-S and GMP product levels
  • 10 mg/mL formulation

Manufacturing and Quality Control

  • Research Grade to GMP
  • Consistent activity and purity across all lots

Download CoAs to See QC Specifications

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sNLS-SpCas9-sNLS Nuclease Quality Control Specifications

Purity, RP-HPLC  ≥95%
Purity, SDS-PAGE  ≥95%
Aggregation  ≤5% aggregate
Concentration 10.0 mg/mL +/- 10%
Endotoxin  ≤ 10 EU/mg
Residual DNase  < LOQ
Residual RNase  < LOQ
Appearance  Clear, colorless
Residual Host Protein  ≤ 200 ng/mL
Residual Host GenomicDNA  < 1% (w/w)
Activity Assay, in vitro  ≥80% of uncut reference DNA converted to cleavage products
Bioburden  < 2 CFU/Sample
Mycoplasma  Negative for the presence of Mycoplasma


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