Protein Production

Gene-to-protein manufacturing including custom enzymes, recombinant antibodies, and proteins

Our protein production capabilities range from parallel screening of several constructs through process development optimization, to "scale-up" manufacturing. Every project starts by defining project goals, including transferring existing protocols or developing a new method.

With experience producing thousands of proteins, we identify potential risks and engineer a solution to meet your required specifications. Responsiveness, technical excellence, and strong project management form the foundation of every strong partnership. It’s our goal to embody those qualities and earn your trust every step of the way.

Recombinant Protein Production

We develop strategies in E. coli, insect and mammalian expression systems to produce recombinant proteins specific for your application.

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Enzyme Production

We provide a variety of high-quality enzymes to enable your research. Our custom offerings include CRISPR-associated nucleases and IVT enzymes designed for delivery in a variety of applications.

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Antibody Production

Starting from gene sequence, hybridoma cells, recombinant vectors or stable cell lines, our custom antibody production services can meet your particular yield and quality requirements.

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Large-batch, high-quality in vitro transcription enzymes are critical to support both R&D as well as commercial production of milligram to gram scale mRNA for gene therapy.

Case Study: Vaccinia Capping Enzyme adds a 7-methylguanylate cap to the 5' of RNA. The enzyme is notoriously difficult to produce recombinantly, resulting in small lot sizes and high cost. To overcome these challenges, we completed an extensive expression and purification method development program. The outcome of the method development was a robust protocol that allows us to cost effectively produce a high-quality Vaccinia Capping Enzyme at the multigram scale.

Gene Therapy Manufacturing Services Matrix

mRNA production for Gene Therapy

Research tool proteins for crystallography

Proteins produced for X-ray crystallography must not only be high purity but also must have robust and consistent production methods.

Case Study: Aldevron completed a technical transfer of a complex client protocol for 600 mg scale yields of a drug target isoform. During a preliminary purification run, that included 5 columns with tag removal and in-process MS, we identified high proteolytic activity.  We suggested an additional step to eliminate proteolytic activity resulting in improved diffraction resolution.

Protein Services for Crystallography

Protein Services for Cystallography

Large-scale protein production for feed studies

Ag-bioscience product development often includes animal feed studies requiring scale-up protein production. Plant protein targets are difficult to express in large soluble quantities. 

Case Study: A client requested Aldevron develop the expression and purification protocol to support a gram-scale animal feed study. Aldevron executed a program screening multiple constructs and then subsequently screened multiple resins delivering gram-scale enzyme within the client’s desired timeline.