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Combining GENOVAC Antibody Technology with Ligand’s OmniAb™ transgenic rodents provides clients with accelerated discovery, in vivo optimization for therapeutic efficacy and manufacturability, and fully human sequences for safety and reduced immunogenicity.

A variety of immunization protocols have been applied successfully with OmniAb animals, including DNA, peptide, protein, or cell immunization.The technology also has been used to complete multiple projects with OmniRat™, OmniFlic™ and OmniMouse™ antibody platforms. 

By establishing a collaborative workflow between the end user, Ligand and the breeding facility, GENOVAC can take a project from a target sequence to immunization, fusion, screening and delivery of the desired antibody.

Case Studies

Epitope coverage

Objective: Generate a diverse panel of mAbs specific for different members of the human CEACAM family in the OmniRat Antibody Platform.

Target: Human CEACAM5

Method: Genetic Immunization of OmniRats

CEACAM comparison chart

Table of CEACAM comparisons

Result: Similar epitope coverage of cross-reactive mAbs with OmniRats and Wistar

T-Cell Receptor (TCR) complex

Objective: Generating monoclonal antibodies using the OmniRat Antibody Platform against the human TCR-complex with cross reactivity to the Cynomolgus TCR-complex.

Method: Genetic immunization of OmniRats by co-immunization with CD3 chains

TCR-complex diagram

The TCR–complex is composed of 6 different polypeptides on the surface of T-cells:

  • alpha & beta fragments
  • CD3 gamma, delta, epsilon
  • Zeta chains


OmniAb Strains vs. Target Classes

OmniRats Kappa & Lambda: Ligand-Receptor Protein Complex

Ligand-Receptor Protein Complex comparison table

Good anti-protein complex-specific response, antigen-dependent strain response, multi-plexed for complex-only selection.

OmniRats Kappa & Lambda: GPCR

OmniRats K&L GPCR comparison table

Good anti-GPCR response, antigen-dependent strain response, multi-plexed, cross-reactive, real-time screening, titer not linear predictor of specific antibody yield.

OmniRat Kappa & Lambda, Kappa/Lambda, OmniFlic: Type I TM Protein

OmniRat Kappa & Lambda, Kappa/Lambda, OmniFlic: Type I TM Protein comparison table

Good anti-type I TM response, antigen-dependent strain response, titer not linear predictor of specific antibody yield.

Project Deliverables

GENOVAC delivers hybridoma and/or B cells for every antibody project. It also provides the following complementary services:

  • Antibody sequencing
  • Recombinant antibody production
  • Antibody purification from hybridomas
  • Deep sequencing of lymphocytes of immunized animals for the OmniFlic™ antibody platform in collaboration with TeneoBio

Target Analysis

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