Single B Cell Platforms
Provided by GENOVAC

Your premier partner offering two automated single B cell antibody discovery platforms

GENOVAC now offers two highly automated and robust single B cell platforms. The BEACON® Optofluidic platform and the GENOVAC Nano platform, are enabling vastly superior high-throughput screening of the natural antibody repertoire of an immunized animal. This state-of-the-art approach significantly increases the chances for the discovery of rare functional antibodies against challenging targets like GPCRs and ion channels and reduces the total development timeline by six to 10 weeks.  

The BEACON platform, created by Berkeley Lights, Inc, is uniquely designed to carefully and specifically isolate, monitor and assay almost any cell type. When used for antibody discovery, it can isolate and identify functional antibody-producing plasma B-cells in less than one day, eliminating weeks of work.

Once individual antibody-producing cells are identified they can be exported for cDNA generation through single cell RT PCR and subsequent cloning and sequencing of the immunoglobulin heavy- and light-chain variable-region (VH and VL) genes of single B-cells that express defined V genes. Each cell is tracked so that the phenotype can be linked to the genotype. Up to 10,000 individual plasma B cells can be screened for target-specificity, cross-reactivity, or cell-based functional assay utilizing our fully automated BEACON platform. 

The GENOVAC Nano platform, is another automated high-throughput single B cell platform. While cross-reactivity or functional assays cannot currently be performed on this platform; the great advantage is it can test and isolate up to 100,000 individual B cells for target specificity.

GENOVAC is uniquely positioned to offer clients two robust and highly automated single B cell antibody discovery platforms. These platforms can be used either on their own or in combination to optimize the likelihood of antibody discovery even on the most difficult target antigens, such as ion channels or GPCR. 

Aldevron Recombinant Antibody

Advantages – GENOVAC Single B cell technology 

Reduced total development timeline eliminates weeks of work 

Screening of much higher percentage of the immune repertoire greatly increases the chances of finding a rare antibody 

Cell-based assays allow native conformation recognition for many target types 

No inefficient B cell immortalization required  

Advantages – BEACON platform 

Allows functional single-cell assays for the discovery of specific and functional therapeutic antibodies   

Allows parallel screening for species cross-reactive antibodies 

Advantages – GENOVAC Nano platform 

Allows screening of up to 100,000 plasma cells which constitutes the complete immune repertoire of five mice