Immunization Strategies
Provided by GENOVAC

Genetic Immunization

GENOVAC's core technology, genetic immunization, enables the development of antibodies against any protein target directly from DNA, an electronic sequence, or an accession number.

The company clones your target into one of its proprietary immunization vectors, as detailed in your custom target analysis, and introduces it into the host organism for gene expression.

To help identify positive antisera and hybridomas, screening without purified antigen is made possible with the use of GENOVAC's proprietary screening vectors. This technology has been applied to thousands of target proteins with a very high success rate.

Protein Immunization

Protein immunization enables the generation of antibodies by directly injecting antigens into the host organism. In many cases, GENOVAC clients have access to purified recombinant proteins that can be used for immunization. If the antigen is not available, the company can express and purify your target in different systems (E. coli, insect, mammalian).

Peptide Immunization

Peptide immunization enables the generation of antibodies by directly injecting peptide conjugates into the host organism. As part of the target analysis, GENOVAC can select linear epitopes as optimal candidates for immunization.

GENOVAC also offers peptide synthesis and conjugation services for both immunization and screening. Screening can be expanded to include, for example, phosphopeptide specificity for monoclonal development.