Antibody Discovery
Provided by GENOVAC

License and royalty-free antibody discovery against any target

GENOVAC delivers advanced antibody discovery solutions for the most difficult targets. The company's immunization technologies, combined with two single B cell platforms and highly efficient hybridoma technology, provides robust delivery of antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic and R&D applications.

As an approved contract research partner of the leading transgenic animal providers, GENOVAC can rapidly develop humanized antibodies against the most challenging targets such as GPCRs and ion channels.

The delivery of advanced immunization technologies, two automated single B cell platforms, highly efficient hybridoma and, transgenic animal partnerships on a fee-for-service basis provide GENOVAC clients a distinct advantage.

Immunization Strategies

GENOVAC uses innovative immunization strategies to customize to your specific project needs using innovative immunization strategies.

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High Throughput Single B Cell Platforms

GENOVAC Nano and Berkeley Lights’ Beacon single B cell screening and selection platforms provide complimentary approaches to rare antibody discovery.

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Advanced Hybridoma

Highly efficient semi-solid and well-based fusion options provide rapid delivery of antibodies that are comparable to yields of manual single B cell platforms.

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Antibody Discovery in Transgenic Animals

GENOVAC is an approved contract research provider with all leading transgenic animal companies.

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Antibody Sequencing

GENOVAC offers in-house hybridoma and single B cell antibody sequencing.

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