RNA Production

RNA Production

Our RNA services include microgram to multigram production capabilities, scalable chromatographic purification methods, project-specific technology transfers for manufacturing and quality control assay processes. Internally-sourced linear plasmid DNA and IVT enzymes and our experience across a range of custom construct requirements allow Aldevron to offer exceptional production flexibility and rapid turnaround times.

Linearized Plasmid DNA for RNA Production

Whether your application is a messenger RNA therapeutic or guide RNA for CRISPR-Cas9, Aldevron has extensive experience producing linearized plasmid DNA using a variety of enzymes with advanced purification techniques.

IVT Enzymes for RNA Production

Our IVT enzymes are tested for performance against competitors and evaluated by industry collaborators to ensure quality with every order. Research-level custom production and a forthcoming GMP-Source® enzyme production platform allow us to tailor orders to fit the unique specifications of your project.


  • Therapeutics
  • Gene Editing
  • Protein Expression
  • In vivo Studies