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neoGMP® Service

neoGMP® produces unique plasmid DNA for each patient at a small scale, compared to a single, large-scale lot for many patients. The service supports the requirements for rapid production from a patient-specific sequence while maintaining the high quality you expect from Aldevron.

Plasmid DNA in Neoantigen Therapy-2


Features of neoGMP®

  • Rapid turnaround
  • Single-use, product-dedicated materials and equipment
  • Options for parallel processing
  • Quality oversight of key processes and parameters
  • Segregated manufacturing

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Aldevron Advantage

  • 22+ year track record in DNA manufacturing
  • Regulatory experience
  • Process optimization expertise
  • Investments in manufacturing process development

neoGMP® Resources

GMP-S Gene Synthesis

Designed to meet the needs of rapid clinical gene synthesis for novel cancer treatments based on neoantigens.
Learn more about our GMP-Source® Gene Synthesis Service.

Press Release

Aldevron has experience bringing neoantigen vaccines to the commercial market.
Learn more about our collaboration with Ziopharm Oncology. 

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Connect with us to learn more about how our neoGMP® service can be customized to fit your specific neoantigen projects.
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