Custom Plasmid DNA Manufacturing

Research-Grade Plasmid DNA

Aldevron manufactures plasmids for a variety of research applications, providing the most affordable, high-quality plasmid DNA available. Our research-grade production facility provides the flexibility needed to offer competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times while still maintaining the quality our clients expect.

In addition to standard plasmid DNA orders, we also produce linearized vectors, DNA, and thousands of preparations per day for high-throughput screening. Plasmid orders can range in size from microgram to multi-gram scales and arrive complete with a Certificate of Analysis.

Product Details
  • Shake Flask or High-Density Fermentation
  • Alkaline Lysis
  • Chromatographic Purification
Project Scales

Small-Scale (0.5 to 20 mg)

  • Perfect for transfection and screening studies with stringent release specifications requiring greater quantities of DNA
  • Final deliverable and quality control release specifications tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Unmatched turnaround times

Mid-Scale (20 to 200 mg)

  • Best for formulation experiments, preclinical studies in larger animal models, validation work, and toxicology studies
  • Elimination of precipitation steps to maximize recovery and favor formulation-intensive studies
  • Impurity levels below most clinical specifications using multimodal chromatography
  • Favorable vector-host combinations that assist in the next level of production
  • More than a decade of expertise handling even the most challenging projects

Large-Scale (0.2 to 20 g)

  • Appropriate for purifying low-yielding and/or highly unstable plasmids
  • Fully automated scalable system
  • Extensive in-process quality control testing
  • Processes tailored to meet specific needs

High-Throughput Production (up to 0.5 mg)

  • Capability of thousands of preps per day
  • Multiple entry points including electronic sequences, DNA, glycerol stocks, and more
  • Final deliverable and quality control release specifications tailored to meet your specific needs
Linearized Vector and Bacmid DNA

Linearized Vectors

  • Microgram to gram quantities of ultra-pure linearized plasmid vectors
  • Scalable, enzymatic digestion and multi-mode chromatography process
  • Perfect for hybridization assays, PCR cloning, and ligation-ready kit components
  • Ideal for use as RNA template
  • Fragment removal
  • Optimized step recoveries to maintain yields
  • Incorporation of client specifications into our quality control system

Bacmid DNA

  • Process development for your specific bacmid DNA
  • High purity and high yields for the most challenging constructs
  • Master and working cell banks
  • Quality control based on client specifications

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