Breakthrough Symposium Presentations

The 2018 Breakthrough Symposium was an unqualified success, with dynamic speakers providing their insights and perspectives on the latest developments and research results in biotechnology, while offering a look at what the future of the industry may hold. 

We are providing video recordings of the speakers who have consented to share their presentation. The recordings are contained in the dropdown menus below. Thank you for your interest in the Breakthrough Symposium and these presentations.

Matthew Porteus, Ph.D.: Translating Genome Editing of Somatic Stem Cells to the Clinic: Using the Best Tools

Luk Vandenberghe , Ph.D.: Broadening the reach of gene therapy by discovery and collaboration in a competitive space

Krishanu Saha, Ph.D.: Precise Gene Editing of Mutant Alleles Using CRISPR-Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein Complexes

Christopher Vakulskas, Ph.D.: Discovery and Characterization of Novel SpCas9 and AsCas12a Mutants Isolated by Protein Engineering and Directed Evolution

Ted Tisch: Development of a Novel Automation Platform and Bioinformatics for Engineering Cell Lines

David Courtman, Ph.D.: Translation of Cell Based Gene Therapies for CARDIO-Pulmonary Disorders

Palani Palaniappan, Ph.D.: Microdystrophin Gene Therapy for Musculoskeletal Diseases

Andrew Moreo: Challenges in Manufacturing AAV in a Phase I Environment: A Practical Approach to Meeting Demand and Managing Expectation in an Evolving Field

Anne Kantardjieff, Ph.D.: Manufacturing Considerations in Cell Therapy Development

Maritza McIntyre, Ph.D.: Standards Development in Gene and Cell Therapy

Robert Whalen, D.Sc.: Directed Evolution by Molecular Breeding

Theresa Reineke, Ph.D.: Nonviral Synthetic Polymers Promote Cellular and In Vivo Delivery of Therapeutic Genes and Editing Systems

James Brown, Ph.D.: Plasmid DNA in Cell and Gene Therapy: From Bench to Bedside

Michelle Berg: Coming of Age Together: Rare Disease Advocacy and Gene Therapy

Robert Levis: A Patient's Perspective