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The Benefits of Streamlining and Standardizing Plasmid DNA for Cell and Gene Therapies

December 28, 2021 / by Meagan Gelinske

Manufacturing standardization for cell and gene therapies (C&GT) has received increased focus in the last several years, spurred by the rapid exponential growth witnessed in this field. The resulting need for improved access to high-quality raw materials, including plasmid DNA, has made standardization integral to streamlining the development process for this biologic product category.

Many technologies and processes employed across the C&GT industry are several steps behind the current state of the art - simply due to the unprecedented pace of innovation. Many groups are still working with available systems developed for early research purposes which have not been further optimized for clinical or commercial applications. This may result in a need to repeat process steps as a program moves along the developmental pipeline.


Download the complete article below to learn more about why streamlining and standardizing plasmid DNA is vital in optimizing therapeutic development and how Aldevron is currently supporting the industry with our rAAV and rLenti portfolios of standardized plasmids.

What's included in the The Benefits of Streamlining and Standardizing Plasmid DNA for Cell and Gene Therapies:



Meagan Gelinske

Meagan Gelinske serves Aldevron as the Director for DNA Product Technology in Fargo, ND. Since joining in 2009 she has held positions in several areas throughout the company to include manufacturing, research & development and quality assurance. In her current role she supports new platform development and optimization, product management and training program initiatives as a technical advisor and project manager. Meagan graduated from NDSU in 2008 with a bachelor of science degree in microbiology.