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Showing Our Support for Rare Disease Day

February 28, 2023 / by Jim Bolluyt

As brands grow their digital footprint across many message delivery channels; we often see them temporarily alter brand colors, shapes and other elements to celebrate a holiday, recognize a social cause, or commemorate an industry-specific event to build awareness. Some may see this practice as distracting, off-message or empty posturing. Others determine it a necessary disruption to bring attention to various topics, regardless of how it relates back to the company. Both viewpoints are valid, and with the practice increasing in popularity, it is worth discussion.

My take is that this practice is nothing new, but simply an evolution of brand expression. For more than a decade, Google has modified their standard logo on their homepage to educate users on lesser-known international holidays, birthdays of a historical figures and more. The altering of their logo itself has no effect on how users perceive the company, other than reinforcing what their brand is all about: find new information using their search information (Google it).

So, when does this become trite? Does it align with the strategic message of your company? Is it true to your mission and values? Another important question leaders and marketers should ask is; does your audience – associates, customers, the communities you live in­­ – find it meaningful for your company to stand up for what you believe, in this visual way. There’s no harm in going along with a trend and changing your colors or profile picture with a fun frame or cool background to recognize something, but if there’s no context to back up the statement it makes, it risks being ingenuine to all stakeholders. Luckily, this wasn’t the case for Aldevron when we decided to show our support for the rare disease community.

Rare Disease Day

February 28, 2023, Rare Disease Day, marks the first time we changed our brand colors to visually represent our support for anything – and we couldn’t be prouder to show our support this year for the rare disease community. As a manufacturer of critical starting materials, we are several steps upstream of the life-changing, potentially curative therapies our clients are developing in the clinical and commercial level. The impact of our day-to-day operations often is nameless and faceless. Thanks to continued educational opportunities for our associates and building a strong patient-first culture, we are unified in our why – our mission of making lives better.

After all, it’s not about the color change or simply following a trend. It’s about spotlighting the important work done by It’s about our unwavering commitment to innovation, determination to advance science by collaborating with industry partners, and drive to make a difference in people’s lives.


Jim Bolluyt

Jim Bolluyt is Creative Director at Aldevron. With a portfolio extending across twenty-five years in the ever-changing industry of design and marketing communications, he brought a wealth of knowledge across all forms of media to Aldevron in 2019. He has broad and deep experience garnered from corporate, agency, and independent engagements which provided extensive exposure to all forms of communications using design as the integral tool for effective storytelling. From simple production art to brand management, he enjoys providing multiple teams with the tools and resources they need to reach their exact goal.