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RNA-Ready Cloning Backbones Added to Aldevron Catalog of Available Products

One of the many ways we can help you streamline your project is by offering free cloning backbones that have been tested in our production systems. We have recently expanded our portfolio to meet the increasing demands for backbones specifically for RNA production.

Our clients are embracing RNA technology more than ever. By leveraging our years of experience as a leader in plasmid DNA and RNA manufacturing you can potentially reduce your overall timeline, relying on a proven backbone. Our new pALD-CV42[T7] and pALD-CV42[T7-PolyA] contain the T7 promoter for RNA production and are ideal or researchers who do not have a cloning backbone available.

These empty vectors, that you can modify for your specific needs, are available free of charge if you are scaling up your RNA production with us. These backbones are available immediately at the research grade quality level and are royalty and license free through commercial production.

By offering this new cloning backbone set, combined with our existing basic vectors of pALD-CV42 and pALD-CV77, we can help you grow at the speed of demand and help clear a path for you to make significant breakthroughs along the way.

Click for full information about our new RNA-ready cloning backbones.

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