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Eureca-Vᵀᴹ: What is it?

February 1, 2023 / by Max Sellman

Meet a new catalog CRISPR protein

If you were at the Advanced Therapies Week in Miami from January 17-20, you learned first-hand about our newest catalog CRISPR protein, Eureca-V™ Nuclease. But what exactly is Eureca-V? In short, the core technology for Eureca-V is the proprietary MAD7® nuclease developed by Inscripta®. Aldevron and Inscripta have partnered to make this protein broadly available to the therapeutic, diagnostic, and agricultural research markets.

How does it work?
Like all standard nucleases in our catalog, Eureca-V has a simple construct design of sNLS-MAD7-sNLS, where sNLS is a standard SV40 Large T-antigen Nuclear Localization Signal. Eureca-V does not contain any affinity tags, nor are any used during the manufacture of this product.

Eureca-V is categorized as a Class 2, Type V CRISPR-Cas nuclease. It shares key features common to this family of CRISPR nucleases, including:

Support for INDs and Beyond
The planned launch of cGMP Eureca-V Nuclease in the catalog by the end of 2023 will streamline client translational efforts and make it easier than ever to source a pharmaceutical-grade Type-V gene editing nuclease.

Eureca-V will be the first Type-V nuclease on the market as an cGMP inventoried catalog product, presenting an attractive alternative to technology that is more challenging to license or secure freedom to operate.

As with the cGMP nucleases already in our catalog, cGMP Eureca-V will be supported as a drug substance by Aldevron’s dedicated Regulatory Affairs team, with a commitment to support client filings with the FDA along with international regulatory bodies.

Our team can help to draft relevant sections of regulatory filings, and plans to submit a Drug Master File for Eureca-V upon release and completion of a real-time GMP stability study.


Max Sellman

Max Sellman

Max Sellman is Senior Product Manager, Gene Editing, at Aldevron focusing on gene editing protein products and custom services since 2017. Prior to Aldevron, Max was a Business Development and Alliance Management Lead for BioTechnique, a GMP fill/finish CMO. Max holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin in Genetics and Life Sciences Communication.