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DNA Plasmids for the Genetic Engineering of Clinical-Grade T Cells

Our inaugural presentation for the Breakthrough Speaker Series is Dr. Laurence Cooper, on behalf of ZioPharm Oncology, presenting "DNA Plasmids for the Genetic Engineering of Clinical-Grade T cells".

The presentation was followed by a discussion with Aldevron’s President of its Nucleic Acids Business Unit, Michelle Berg, and Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, John Ballantyne. 

The group’s comments during the roundtable discussion focuses on the distinctive advantages of Ziopharm’s suite of T-cell therapies, including its proprietary non-viral gene transfer system, Sleeping Beauty, and its partnership with Aldevron to help make it happen. The discussion also highlights the significant patient need and commercial opportunity in both hematological and epithelial solid tumor cancers.

About the Breakthrough Speaker Series

Aldevron welcomes industry leaders to share their research and insights on their breakthrough work in this exciting series. Presentations are followed by a robust roundtable discussion with the headlining guest and select Aldevron scientists and staff, offering a refreshing look at the always evolving world of biotech. Read our original news post for more information!

Aldevron hosted its first Breakthrough Symposium (BTS) in Fall 2018 with an exciting lineup of industry leaders presenting their research and how it affects the present, and the future, of finding solutions to the world’s biggest health challenges. All presentations are available on-demand to stream here!

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