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Collaboration Helps Drive Advancement

Making use of ultra-low endotoxin Cas9 from Aldevron

The latest research article from the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) at the University of California, Berkeley, highlights the collaboration between Aldevron with the laboratories of Nobel Laureate Dr. Jennifer Doudna and Dr. David Savage. Published in Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids, “Genome editing in the mouse brain with minimally immunogenic Cas9 RNPs,” shows how Aldevron generated ultra-low endotoxin Cas9 for IGI to enable a novel in vivo CRISPR delivery system, targeted directly into the brain for editing. 

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LNPs, analytics and mRNA

Working toward advanced analytical techniques

Guten tag from Berlin! As an analytically minded-person, it’s fascinating to connect with colleagues from around the world to discuss cutting-edge techniques and strategies for ensuring the quality, efficacy, and safety of mRNA-based therapeutics. That fascination led me to the mRNA Analytical Development Summit, held in Germany's capital city.

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