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A Focus on Analytics, for RNA and Beyond

Driving innovation of industry tools

Analytical innovation is often overlooked in discussions of biotechnology product development and manufacturing processes. For example, in the DNA area, most “state of the art” analytical methods in use were developed in the 1980s, or even earlier. Industrywide, there is a need to continuously innovate in the analytical space due to the tremendous advances in enabling technologies.

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Building an mRNA Ecosystem

Capacity is only part of the solution

During conferences and seminars this year, there has been one particular topic that has come to the fore regarding mRNA production – capacity. Most of the concern comes from the impression that there isn’t enough capacity to meet market demand.

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Don’t Fence Me In

Science, beyond the lab

Science is about connecting. Connecting cause and effect. Connecting molecules and ideas. Connecting with other scientists. It is also about having command of a subject and product, and that may be the most valuable connection of all.

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Comparing Capping

Enzymatic and co-transcriptional capping for RNA

With the manufacture of RNA, capping is one of the many crucial steps in developing the final product. There are two methods of capping, enzymatic and co-transcriptional. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

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